Paththar | Om Puri,Gulshan Grover,Aruna Irani,Danny Denzongpa,Asha Sachdev | Full Movie
Private Resham Singh is employed by the Indian Armed Forces and sent to the battle-front under the command of Major Balwant Rai. They find themselves outnumbered and are ordered to retreat at all costs. But Balwant refuses to obey, and both put up a successful resistance. During this, Balwant is mortally wounded, and Resham carries him to safety. Thereafter Balwant is Court-martial-ed for disobeying orders and dishonorably discharged from the army. He returns home to his wife, Nirmala Rai, and an alcoholic and womanizing son, Ravi. Years later, he will meet Resham Singh again – but this time it will be a different Resham – far different from the compassionate and loyal one he had met at the front – this one is cold-blooded, heartless, has brutally killed three men, and is out seeking a fourth – who is none other than Balwant’s son, Ravi. Will Balwant assist or prevent Resham from killing Ravi, watch as events unfold that will change Balwant’s life forever.
Director: Deepak Bahry
Writers: Faiz Saleem (screenplay) (as Faiz-Salim), Faiz Saleem (story) (as Faiz-Salim)
Stars: Om Puri, Anuradha Patel, Deepika,Gulshan Grover,Aruna Irani,Danny Denzongpa,Asha Sachdev
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